Gynaecology & Infertility

Dr Joanne McManus MD FRCOG

Dr McManus is a Consultant Gynaecologist and specialist in Reproductive Medicine in the Royal Hospitals Belfast. Her areas of special expertise are Infertility, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Gynaecology Endocrinology, Menopause and HRT, and Adolescent Gynaecology. She is Lead Clinician in the Regional Fertility Centre one of the largest IVF clinics in the UK. Within the Royal Hospitals she also runs the only dedicated HRT and Adolescent Gynaecology clinics in Northern Ireland.

Dr Ishola Agbaje PhD MRCOG

Dr Agbaje currently works as a Consultant Gynaecologist & Infertility Specialist in the Belfast Trust. A graduate of Queen's University, he trained both in London and Belfast
and was awarded a PhD in 2008. He has published a number of research papers related
to male infertility and has presented his work both nationally and internationally.
He is sub-speciality trained in Reproductive Medicine and is based primarily in the Regional Fertility Centre, Royal Maternity Hospital, Belfast. His specialist interests include male infertility and reproductive endocrinology (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Ovulation disorders, Hirsuitism). He is experienced in the advanced management of both male and female fertility problems including, Reproductive Surgery (fibroids, endometriosis & tubal disease), Ovulation Induction and Assisted Conception (In-vitro Fertilisation - IVF/ICSI).

Dr Agbaje welcomes referrals relating to general gynaecology or infertility.